Italeri 1/32 F-104G JaboG34 Norm83 Camouflage

By Nicolas Renoult

This is the Italeri kit, with the Aires cockpit (which was a real PITA to fit), the huge DACO decal set, Eduard resin wheels, Master Pitot tube and the Videoaviation Mk.85 dummy bomb dispenser. Except the Aires cockpit and a few badly soft looking panel lines that build was pretty straightforward with no real difficulties. This Aires cockpit harassed me until the end as I still had to make modification in order to close the canopy. I had to remove some material and redo the 2 tiny brackets for the locking system behind the headrest.

You can find the build thread in the forums.

I'm still highly incompetent to take pictures. This time, I tried for the first time a blue background, as I found a large sheet of blue paper in my basement. But as it seems to change the colors a bit, I also took pictures without background. I think the pictures are not very good, and I really lacked some light, as the days are pretty dark at this time.

© Nicolas Renoult 2015

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This article was published on Tuesday, December 08 2015; Last modified on Tuesday, April 26 2016