Tamiya 1/32 F-16E 'Desert Falcon' Block 60

By Daniel Sahling

The Tamiya kit speaks for itself, great kit I'd recommend to anyone. The Wolfpack resin F-16E conversion is what I used to make this happen, it was pretty good except for one of the side panels on the front fuselage, but this may have just been me; decals were wonderful to work with. I used CAM GBU-12s which makes for a really nicely detailed ordinance set. I used Mr. Color paints FS 36495 and FS 36320 (The conversion says to use 36375 and not 36320, however I heard that it is much too light and that there may not even be FS colors listed for this yet). I did some light weathering with an oil wash. I made one major booboo when I dropped the kit and overdid it with the damage repair.

© Daniel Sahling 2015

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This article was published on Friday, October 09 2015; Last modified on Tuesday, April 12 2016