ARNIwings 1/24 DC3/C-47/Dakota - Part 1

By Christian Alexandersen

I thought I’d share some progress pictures of my largest ever modelling project, the 1/24th scale DC-3 from ARNIwings.

So let’s start out with a picture of the vac kit parts:

First for me is always cutting all the parts from the sheets:

So that’s how that ends:

Second I knew I was going to need a solid floor in the cabin, and with plenty of excess sheet, this is it:

I am building a civilian airliner so third was cabin ribs:

Now off to more production like work. Parts for the cabin seats are stacking up:

And being assembled in a simple jig:

7 double and 7 single seats (unpainted wood) are now lines up on the cabin floor:

So time for the wall section limiting the cabin and rear wall in the cockpit:

And primed seats again being “tested” on the cabin floor:

And against the cabin wall, with the window section marked:

And more testing of the cabin area, with chair and cabin wall ribs:

All injection kit have fixation points – a vac kit doesn’t – but they are need, so here it comes:

And with the floor and wall sections fixed I worked a bit on the panty are. Or those of you being very sharp this is not a mirrored image. On the VERY very early DC-3s the rear entrance door was at starboard, so naturally the toilet has to be in port side!

Next shot is first attempt at scratching a pilot's seat:

Bottom side of the cabin floor also serves to ensure positioning of the center wing:

Below test fitted in the fuselage:

All above might not look like a lot but there I a horribly lot of scratching. When I am going to finish I am not sure but when I finish I am certain it’s going to be huge and look quite a lot like this:

I hope you like it – I try to post continuously; next progress pictures here will be when I have found a solution for the engines!

© Christian Alexandersen 2015

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This article was published on Sunday, March 29 2015; Last modified on Monday, March 30 2015