Trumpeter 1/32 A-1 Skyraider

By Rob Colvin

Items added:


The Kit:

The kit builds up pretty nice. Having built both the ZM and now trumpeter, there are some aspects of the Trumpeter kit I like over the ZM. The single piece fuselage is nice, the overall fit of the Trumpeter kit pretty darn good. I needed very little filler. The only real issue, like any kit with the wings cut to be folded, is building the wings in the extended position. I added internal support and rescribed most of the upper wings to get the look I wanted. I did not like how Trumpeter has you install the antennas. I cut them from their carrier and direct glued them to the fuselage.

The cover behind the headrest was made from magic sculp. Trumpeter does not provide the canvas cover.

The A-1 was painted with a combo of Mr Color, Floquil, Tamiya, and Model Master colors. I washed it with Flory wash. The exhaust was airbrushed.

The AMS parts are a must. They really improve the look not to mention make the kit into a true A-1H. The Trumpeter kit is actually an Ad-6. They did not provide the vertical dome light.

© Rob Colvin 2014

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