MDC 1/32 Hawker Typhoon

By Dennis McCone

The kit is the best Hawker Typhoon kit in 1/32 scale but it is not the easiest of kits to build, challenging is an apt description, the instruction are absolutely useless, but it is light years better than the ancient Revell kit. The rockets do not come with the kit and are purchased separately from MDC.

The main markings apart from one fin flash, which I messed up and had to resort to a decal (sorry Mal) are painted using Miracle Paint Masks, stencils are from Aviaeology and the canopy is a Squadron vac form jobby. Paints are Xtracolor for the main finish and Humbrol for the detail parts.

© Dennis McCone 2014

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This article was published on Friday, December 19 2014; Last modified on Monday, March 07 2016