1/32 Tamiya HAF F-16C

By George Athanasiades

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This specific kit depicts a F-16C Block 30 model S/N 88-0136 assigned to the 346 MIRA (squadron) in Larisa A.F.B 110 PTERIGA MACHIS (COMBAT WING) wearing a special decoration for the birthday ceremony of 15 years (1990-2005) of the squadron.

As a member of the HELLENIC AIR FORCE and as a modeller I am happy when I can made my ideas in 1/1 scale. So my design became real at this aircraft. It is the first special decorated Greek F-16.


When Tamiya announced that they were releasing a 1/32nd scale F-16CJ, I was very anxious to get my hands on it. The kit is the best F-16C in any scale. There are many details (radar, gun bay, engine, full detail cockpit, etc) The radar antenna is designed to be movable in azimuth.

For the canopy, you can change the opening mechanism (it doesn't get glued in), if you decide to change the position of the canopy.


I didn't use any after market detail set I only added wires at the landing gear and the engine bay. Scratch built is the open electronic panel at right side of the nose and the drum of the machine gun. The smart way that TAMIYA built the model gives you extra time to upgrade this fine kit.


All the colors are acrylics LIFE COLOR

I want to give the model as much as I can the closer look to the real that's why I made to much airbrush patches and oil dirties.


Decals are ZOTZ decals from my friend Elli Rafael from Mexico. The design is the squadrons emblem in picture comes out from the vertical fin.

I help him to create the decal sheet.

This kit is the one that I like to built most. There were no fitting problems I recommend it.

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© 2005 George Athanasiades

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