Tamiya 1/32 F-16 Block 42

By Jeff Owens

This is my 1/32 Tamiya F-16 block 42. When building my Viper I added a few things to my build. For starters I used the Jake Melampy and Pete Fleischmann's the Scale Viper book by Reid Air Publications. If you want build a big Viper, this book is highly recommended. When I got to building my viper I used the Eduard interior set as well as there canopy mask. The AGM-65 maverick that I used was from the academy jet. For the scab planes on top of the jet I used the vinyl plates by Dave Roof and as well as the cross delta metal plates, I had to double them up to look right in scale, I had the vinyl ones on the bottom and the metal ones on top. The decals that were your were by, the high vis markings on the tail and fin flash were done by RED PEGASUS DECALS BY KEITH DAVIDSON, highly recommended as well, the other decals that were used were by afterburner decals, Superscale decals for the walkway lines and the other stencils were done by Tamiya decals. Everything was airbrushed using Mr Color paints and the wash that I used was by Flory wash, dark dirt.

© Jeff Owens 2014

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