Wingnut Wings 1/32 Sopwith Pup

By Nicolas Renoult

Here is my first finished Wingnut Wings model (I still have 2 on the bench). It was a pain to rig, but I think it is most because it's the first time for me. That was not very difficult, but very long.

The kit is very nice, as usual with WNW kits. It's pretty simple with not too much parts. The paint job is also pretty simple, but monocolor schemes are not the easiest to do, if you want to make it cool (not flat color with no variation, boring like death to look at...). I find it a bit too dark, but it depends a lot of the ambient light, so I don't really know. The good point with British PC is that there is a lot of possibilities with no absolute truth, you can go from brown to green, that's interesting if you don't want to paint each time the same color.

The weathering is done with AK washes, and I applied a neutral wash from MIG on the rigging lines to break the white and give a more dirty/oxidised steel look. I hope I've not overdone the weathering as it is very muddy on the underside.

© Nicolas Renoult 2014

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This article was published on Thursday, October 30 2014; Last modified on Saturday, February 27 2016