Trumpeter 1/32 P-47D

By Nicolas Renoult

Here is my Trumpeter P-47D. I've started it a few months ago but I've put it aside for a few weeks.

It's painted with various Alclad, and the national markings are painted, too. The stencils are Hobbydecal dry transfers, and the other markings are decals from Kitsworld (great decals as the film become almost invisible even on NMF). THere is no varnish on it, only a light wash of Flory Dark Dirt (I've also tried to use enamel wash from AK or Mig, but don't do that if you have Hobbydecal stencils as they do not survive the enamel thinner experience...) and then a light dusting with Mig pigment.

The kit is the Trumpeter P-47D with dorsal fin. It is not a bad kit, I've liked this build, even if there is a few small defects. The cockpit is detailed with the Eduard PE set, some scratchbuild, HGW belts (or RB? I don't remember) and a resin gunsight from Master Details.

The wheels are from Barracuda, and they are great! (But pretty difficult to make the paint stick on them, even with many degreasing operations).

The engine cowl flaps are scratchbuilt as the kit part is totally messed up.

The exhaust staining is done with some Alclad burn metal colors and then with highly-thinned acrylic chocolate and mat black.

© Nicolas Renoult 2014

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