Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D

By Peter Doll

Here are a couple of photos of my back-dated Thunderchief converted from Trumpeter's big scale F-105D. Trumpeter's Thud is a late version of the F-105D and I wanted to built an early "D" in the colourful markings of the 4 TFW/ 335 TFS "Chiefs". I had to change the spine, the intakes and the vertical stabilizer. All these steps are scratch-built because at the time I started this project, no aftermarket conversion sets were available. Meanwhile RC-Resins UK gives you a hand a nice set of resin parts to realize an early Thud much easier.

My model is completely plated with simple kitchen foil because early Thuds had no silver paint and flew in natural metal finish. To plate such a big model with aluminium foil is really a hard work and I've spent I think more than 100 working hours, I propose to use Bare-Metal-Foil.

All markings are made with the aid of my computer by using a "Super Scale"decal-sheet as a pattern.

© Peter Doll 2004

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