Revell P-47D "Hairless Joe" - Col. David Schilling, CO 56th FG, Boxted

By Chris Novak

Not much to say about this well known "Jug"! Another one in my growing Thunderbolt collection, basically planned and built as a NMF-Jug in 2004 she was desperately waiting for her final cammo after I had ruined her metal finish by trying some new techniques. Being just one step away from throwing the whole stuff out the next window I decided (in the very last moment!) to give her another chance by layin` her beside to be finished later. Just right in time LSP came out with its first decal line and so the decision was made: OK, start the "Wolfpack-project"! After getting a few very good pics of the original (thanks Mr. Sherland!) I decided to giver her a few goodies like the rocket-boosters and a pancake-drop tank (both scratched) to push her up a bit. Here she is, not my best built ever, but nevertheless a beautiful cammoed Jug between my Silver-Jugs. Thanks a lot to LSP for saving this bird with their great and highly recommended decal sheet. Enjoy.

© 2005 Chris Novak

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