Revell 1/32 Republic P-47 D Thunderbolt

By Chris Novak

Rebublic P-47 D "Thunderbolt"
Ser.Nr. 42-26671 "MX-X - No guts, no glory"
78th Fighter Group, 82nd Fighter Squadron
Lt. Colonel Ben Mayo

This is the third bird of my actual "Silver-Bubbletop-Jug" project depicting the well-known "No guts, no glory" from Ben Mayo which is also flying in this markings in Duxford, one of the most attractive Jugs because of it´s wonderful paint scheme: not only the great looking black and white checkerboard cowling of the 78 FG, also the D-day stripes make this Jug a beautiful bird. Kit is the actual (or better "old") REVELL/Germany one and although the kit is not up to date - to be honest: the molds are from the last millennium! ;-) - and the quality can not compare to the actual HASEGAWA releases this kit can be built into a good looking Jug, all you have to do is: rescribe panel lines, rebuild the wrong landing gear (oleos in "out" position), replace the wrong wheels (wrong size, wrong cover, no tire-profile), replace the wrong prop, rebuild the inner gear doors, sand and polish the poorly molded canopy and and and...OK, just kidding, that´s modelling, no one of this steps are a "mission impossible" for a good modeller. I will describe some of my methods in a detailed article here in LSP as soon as the actual Jug (will probably be "Hun Hunter") is finished, you can also take a look at the works- board in LSP where the actual progress is shown. First the man "behind" the machine: Ben Mayo and here the machine:

A few facts of the model: checkerboard hand-painted, decals self-made / printed (here a big THANKS to the great guys from the Key Publishing Ltd Aviation forum - which helped me with some info, especially with the names on the yellow crew- patch, this forum is highly recommended!), landing gear self-made from aluminium and brass tubing, prop and wheels are resin parts from the great Jerry Rutman, prop and lights are working, NMF is a mix of different silver colours and different metal foils.

Feel free to contact me with any question, enjoy

© Chris Novak 2004

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