Hasegawa 1/32 Bf 109G-6 9/JG52, Hartmann 1942-43

By Kent Strickland

I present my 1/32 Hasegawa Bf109G-6 flown by Lt E Hartmann whilst serving in 9/JG52 on the Eastern Front 1942-43. The kit is the Hasegawa ST21 boxing with a number of aftermarket details listed below:

Bf 109G-6 cockpit; Bf 109G-K corrected spinner; Bf 109G corrected wheels, Bf 109G Mk131 ejector ports
RB Productions:
German Seat Belts; Bf 109G Radiator faces, Bf 109G canopy
Bf 109G (late) Radio interior compartment.
The Blond Knight EC036.
Bf 109G oil cooler; Bf 109 Supercharger.
Bf 109G gun barrels; Bf109G exhausts

Paints were a combination of Aeromaster warbirds RLM02, RLM66, RLM74, RLM75, RLM76 enamels; Model Master, Tamiya and Gunze additional colours. MM Clear flat and gloss lacquers.

The build tested me at times but I persisted and whilst there are some flaws, none are fatal and I am happy with the end result. Total build time was about six months. Thanks to all those that encouraged, advised and put up with my build thread, I say thank you.

© Kent Strickland 2013

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