Dragon 1/32 Bf 110D-3, 6./ZG 76, "M8+AP"

By Mike Offutt

This was a big project literally and figuratively! Really a great kit, had some problems with the wing to fuselage fit but I think the next time I do one of these I can overcome that problem by altering the assembly sequence. Other than that fit was outstanding. The instructions and decals (lacking info stencils) are nothing to write home about about, but those are minor gripes.

Add-ons were:

The model portrays a Bf 110D-3 operating from Argos, Greece in the spring of 1941. The instructions with the mask portrayed this aircraft as a D model with the extended tail, in the well known photos of the aircraft it's a C model with the standard tail. Either Hauptmann Nacke changed aircraft at some point or the instructions with the masks are incorrect. I've talked myself into the former. ;-)

© Mike Offutt 2013

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