Trumpeter 1/32 SBD-5 Dauntless

By Andy John

Here is my Trumpeter SBD-5 Dauntless from VB16 circa 1943. Eduard etch as usual. There is no resin cockpit for this kit, but to be honest it's not needed as the kit offering, together with the Eduard etch is more than enough.

I used Gunze paint, which was a bit of a labour as all the references I could find seemed to contradict each other as to which shade is correct. In the end, I went for the best match I could given the information I had, and seeing as these aircraft were operating under the hot Pacific sun, the paint would bleach anyway. Most photographic references I could find showed that the paint finish was well weathered, again due to sun exposure and also due to heavy usage during the Pacific campaign.

The decals were a real let down in this kit. I had read elsewhere that they are a nightmare, and those reviewers were correct, especially the national insignia. If you plan on building one of these, seek some aftermarket alternatives.

The only other addition were a pair of Mastercasters resin wheels, brass .30 and .50 cal gun barrels, lead wire for the engine ignition harness and here it is. Enjoy.

© Andy John 2013

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