Junkers Ju 88A-1 U4+TK

By Thomas Mayer

At the risk of repeating myself I have to emphasise that this kit would never ever look like it does now without the generous help of Guttorm Fjeldstad!

His thread on the real Ju 88 he restores up north in Norway and his most helpful comments and suggestions have been a tremendous help! Guttorm, thank you very very much!!!

Now, what about the few additions to this kit? Besides Revell doing a fantastic job I made use of some goodies my friend Andreas88 created:

From Eduard I bought the following additions:

From Montex:

From Radu Brinzan, most welcome:

From Peddinghaus Decals:

From Jerry Rutman:

And last but not least Piotr Czerkasov´s (Master Model) simply stunning MG 15 turned barrels and etched sights. True works of art! Get them!!

In case I forgot something I´ll add it later. Hey, I am getting older!

Now , let´s start with the pictures. I had to retouch the swastika (no, please no new discussion on this again, please!) due to German law. Please understand. Thank you!

© Thomas Mayer 2013

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