Tamiya F-4 aftermarket detailing sets

by Thierry Laurent & Ben Brown

Aires F-4E/EJ/F/G/J/S: very nicely detailed exhaust nozzles but a little bit underscale. Better than other resin ones except CAM ones.

Black Box F-4E cockpit - Highly-detailed. Has details from both early and late F-4E. Wrong seats (Navy-style used)

Black Box F-4J cockpit - Highly detailed.

Black Box RF-4E Conversion - Can be used to build RF-4C.

Black Box Martin Baker Mk7 Ejection seats: Navy seats

CAM Triple Ejector Racks - Resin. More detailed than kit TERs. Ex-TAC Scale Dynamics.

CAM F-4E/F/J Afterburner Nozzles - Detailed afterburners with correctly-sized nozzles.

CAM FODS: help in solving the bad fit of the air intakes (identical to a similar set previously released by Reheat)

CAM Martin Baker Mk.7 Ejection Seats - Highly-detailed seats for Air Force F-4s. Ex-TAC Scale Dynamics.

CAM F-4G Conversion - conversion for Revell F-4E. May be adapted on Tamiya F-4E but this needs a lot of work. Some parts are inaccurately scaled and will not be easily put in the Tamiya kit (e.g. RIO front instrument panel). Include HARM missiles and pylons.

CAM F-4S Conversion - Contains Air Force-style slats and wing fences. An F-4S cannot be built using this set unless the slats are modified and wing fences replaced.

CAM F-4B Conversion - Intended to backdate F-4J but had many accuracy issues (wrongly shaped nose and tail antennas, crude upper wing panel lines, narrow wheels but with Air Force rims, etc.) and didn't include everything needed to do the conversion (no flat wing intrados, no B cockpit parts).

Cutting Edge F-4E conversion for F-4C/D - Everything to modify F-4C/D to an early F-4E. Inaccurate nose shape. Not necessary since Tamiya has released their F-4E kit.

Cutting Edge F-4E Update Set - New outer wing panels with slats, inboard slats, wing fences, new rear instrument panel and right rear console with ARN-101 modifications, TISEO, ARN-101 antenna. Inaccurate panel lines on outer wing panels. Outer wing panels don't fit properly. Slats intended to be built extended, but instructions don't mention you'll need to lower the flaps, too. Front radar screen too small. If you don't need or don't mind scratchbuilding a TISEO and ARN-101, use a Revell F-4E/F for the slats. They are cheaper than the Cutting Edge set and have the added bonus of correct-sized afterburner nozzles and an F-15-type drop tank.

Cutting Edge F-4G conversion - For F-4C/D. Based on their F-4E conversion, with new nose and cockpit parts. Beautifully cast, but since the nose piece is based on the F-4E conversion's nose, it has inaccurate shape. Expensive F-4E Update Set must be purchased separately to build this one.

Cutting Edge F-4E/J afterburner nozzles - Copy of kit burner nozzles with added detail. Too small in diameter.

Cutting Edge Seamless Intakes (for all versions) - Kit intakes with built-up material to make a better transition between the intake lip and intake duct.

Cutting Edge Wheels (Air Force) - Very nice resin wheels to replace kit's rubber wheels. (French company Contact produce a similar set)

Cutting Edge Wheels (Navy) - Very nice. (French company Contact produce a similar set)

Cutting Edge Martin Baker Mk. 5 ejection seats - Highly-detailed resin seats for early Air Force F-4s.

Cutting Edge F-15-type drop tank - Can be used with late F-4C/D or updated F-4E (slatted). Copy of Revell drop tank.

Cutting Edge F-4S conversion - Navy-style slats for F-4J kit. Has short Air Force-style wing fence. Same fit issues as F-4E Update Set.

Cutting Edge Israeli F-4E Refueling probe - For Israeli or Spanish Phantoms.

Cutting Edge ALQ-71 (V)-2 [QRC-160-1] Jamming Pod - For Air Force F-4s.

Eduard Photo-etched detail sets - Several detail sets for each version of the Tamiya F-4. Some parts may be too one-dimensional for 1/32 scale.
- F-4C/D set only includes elemental detailing parts.
- F-4J sets are more detailed (one interior and one exterior set).
- F-4E sets are incredibly detailed: cockpit (with colored parts), seats detail, external airframe details, exhausts details, weapons details and color placards sets (placards for landing gear struts, speed brakes, etc.)! Eduard makes a BigED set (discount price) including the various sets as well as vinyl masking sets.
Hence, it may be interesting to buy sets related to other marks (such as the F-4E ones) to detail a C/D or even a J.

Flightpath (resin) C/D nose: better profile nose but difference is marginal.

Flightpath F-4C/D tail pipe set (photo-etched exhausts, slime lights, FODs and Remove Before Flight tags). One still wonders how to assemble the exhausts and FODs are too one-dimensional.

Seamless Suckers F-4 Intakes - Resin. Completely replace intake lip and duct. Not a lot of effort to install. Occasionally average quality, but recommended.

Verlinden F-4C/D cockpit - Photo etched and resin parts. Highly-detailed. Good fit. Seats look too short and fat. Set also includes very detailed radar unit.

© Thierry Laurent & Ben Brown 2005