Qing Yi | QY32006: 1/32 WWII Russian Fighter Pilot Resin Figure

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

I came across this utterly superb figure doing a random search on eBay - though it's cheaper via their website.

Extremely impressively packaged in a stylish metal box, protected by black foam, comes a one-piece resin figure of a Soviet fighter pilot from WWII, wearing a heavy leather coat and thick gloves, the figure if full of character - the sculpting really is up there with the very best.

The figure is inspired by a photo of Lieutenant-Colonel Boris F. Satonov in 1942, so would certainly be appropriate for an early war Soviet fighter pilot, if not one later.

There are no instructions, but you can see the colours used to paint the figure on the website.

Very highly recommended.

© Andrew Birnie 2016

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This review was published on Friday, August 05 2016; Last modified on Friday, August 05 2016