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Reference Material for P-36

110 Books Found

50 Fighters 1938-1945, Vol. 1
Author(s): Ward
Publisher: Osprey (1973)
50 Fighters 1939-1945, Vol. 2
Author(s): Ward
Publisher: Osprey (1973)
Author(s): Patton
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1998)
Air Corps
Author(s): Mizrahi
Publisher: Sentry Books (1970)
Air Force Colors, Vol. 1: 1926-1942
Author(s): Bell
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1979)
Air Force Colors, Vol. 3: Pacific and Home Front 1942-47
Author(s): Bell
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1997)
Air War Pacific
Author(s): Campbell
Publisher: Crescent Books (1990)
Aircraft for the Few
Author(s): Bowyer
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd. (1991)
Aircraft in Profile, Vol. 4 (Profile Nos. 73-96 )
Author(s): Windrow (ed.)
Publisher: Doubleday / Profile Publications (1968)
Aircraft of the Royal Air Force since 1918
Author(s): Thetford
Publisher: Putnam (1962)
Aircraft of the Second World War: The Development of the Warplane 1939-49
Author(s): Jarrett (ed.)
Publisher: Putnam (1997)
Airfoil #4
Author(s): Sheflin et al.
Publisher: Airfoil Publications (1986)
Airplanes of the World: from Pusher to Jet, 1490 to 1954
Author(s): Rolfe, Dawydoff
Publisher: Simon and Schuster (1954)
Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II
Author(s): White
Publisher: SAE International (1995)
America's Army and Air Force Airplanes, Post World War I to the Present
Author(s): Dean
Publisher: Schiffer (1997)
America's Hundred Thousand
Author(s): Dean
Publisher: Schiffer (1997)
American Aircraft of World War II
Author(s): Mondey
Publisher: Chartwell Books (1994)
American Combat Planes
Author(s): Wagner
Publisher: Doubleday (1968)
American Warplanes of World War 2
Author(s): Donald (ed.)
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1995)
American Warplanes, World War II - Korea, Volume I
Author(s): Ethell
Publisher: Arms and Armour Press (1983)
Archiv: Band 1
Author(s): Birkholz (ed.)
Publisher: Flugzeug Publikations (1988)
Archiv: Band 5
Author(s): Dressel, Griehl (eds.)
Publisher: Flugzeug Publikations (1991)
Archiv: Band 8
Author(s): Franzke (ed.)
Publisher: Flugzeug Publikations (1997)
Armee de l'Air
Author(s): Camelio, Shores
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1976)
Attack and Conquer: The 8th Fighter Group in World War II
Author(s): Stanaway, Hickey
Publisher: Schiffer (1995)
Bloody Shambles (Volume One)
Author(s): Shores, Cull, Izawa
Publisher: Grub Street (1992)
Bloody Shambles (Volume Two)
Author(s): Shores, Cull, Izawa
Publisher: Grub Street (1993)
British Warplanes of World War II
Author(s): March (ed.)
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1998)
Camouflage & Markings: RAF Fighter Command 1936-45
Author(s): Goulding, Jones, Ward
Publisher: Doubleday (1971)
Cobra!: Bell Aircraft Corporation 1934-1946
Author(s): Matthews
Publisher: Schiffer (1996)
Cockpits - Early WWII
Author(s): Muth
Publisher: Peregrine Publishing (2001)
Combat Aircraft of World War Two
Author(s): Weal, Weal
Publisher: MacMillan (1977)
Curtiss 75 "Hawk"
Author(s): Fleischer
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (2000)
Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947
Author(s): Bowers
Publisher: Naval Institute Press (1987)
Curtiss Hawk 75
Author(s): Beauchamp, Cuny
Publisher: ViP Press (1996)
Curtiss Hawk 75
Author(s): Cuny, Beauchamp
Publisher: Editions Lariviere (1985)
Curtiss Hawk H 75 de l'armée de l'air
Author(s): Marchand, Takamori
Publisher: Indochine (2001)
Curtiss P-36 Hawk, cz. 1
Author(s): Rys
Publisher: AJ Press (2000)
Curtiss P-36 Hawk, cz. 2
Author(s): Rys, Fleischer
Publisher: AJ Press (2000)
Curtiss P-36 Hawk, cz. 3
Author(s): Chodil, Fleischer
Publisher: AJ Press (2000)
Curtiss P-40
Author(s): Nowicki, Zbiegniewski
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Militaria (2000)
Curtiss P-40
Author(s): Ehrman, Roman
Publisher: MBI (1998)
Curtiss P-40 from 1939 to 1945
Author(s): Elbied, Laurelut
Publisher: Histoire & Collections (2002)
Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk/Kittyhawk/Warhawk, cz. 1
Author(s): Rys
Publisher: AJ Press (2000)
Death of an Air Force: The Doomed Fighters of France 1932-1940
Author(s): Beauchamp
Publisher: Sentry Books (1996)
Dora-Kurfürst und rote 13: Band II
Author(s): Ries
Publisher: Verlag Dieter Hoffmann (1964)
Dust Clouds in the Middle East
Author(s): Shores
Publisher: Grub Street (1996)
Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe
Author(s): Toliver, Constable
Publisher: Aero (1977)
Fighters over Tunisia
Author(s): Shores, Ring, Hess
Publisher: Neville Spearman (1975)
Fighting Colors
Author(s): Dorr
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1990)
Fighting Colours: RAF Fighter Camouflage and Markings 1937-1969
Author(s): Bowyer
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd. (1975)
Fighting Colours: RAF Fighter Camouflage and Markings 1937-1975
Author(s): Bowyer
Publisher: Patrick Stephens Ltd. (1975)
Finnish Aces of World War 2
Author(s): Stenman, Keskinen
Publisher: Osprey (1998)
Finnish Air Force 1918-1968
Author(s): Ward, Shores
Publisher: Arco (1969)
Finnish Air Force 1939-1945
Author(s): Keskinen, Stenman
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1998)
Finnish Air Force Camouflage and Markings [Suomen Ilmavoimien Maalaukset ja Merkinnät]
Author(s): Keskinen, Stenman, Niska
Publisher: Apali Oy (1996)
Fledgling Eagles
Author(s): Shores, Foreman, Ehrengardt, Weiss,Olson
Publisher: Grub Street (1991)
Flying Colors
Author(s): Green, Swanborough
Publisher: Squadron/Signal; Salamander (1981)
Forgotten Fighters and Experimental Aircraft: U.S. Army, 1918-1941
Author(s): Bowers
Publisher: Arco (1971)
French Aces of World War 2
Author(s): Ketley
Publisher: Osprey (1999)
Horrido: Légicsatá a Keleti Fronton
Author(s): Bernád, Mujzer, Hangya
Publisher: OMIKK (1992)
In a Now Forgotten Sky: The 31st Fighter Group in WW2
Author(s): Kucera
Publisher: Flying Machines Press (1997)
La Chasse Francaise Inconnue Mai-Juin 1940
Author(s): Comas
Publisher: Editions Lela Presse (1998)
Lend-Lease Aircraft of World War II
Author(s): Pearcy
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1996)
Les Combats Ariens de la Drole de Guerre
Author(s): Cony
Publisher: Editions Lela Presse (1997)
Luftwaffe Camouflage 1935-40
Author(s): Fleuret
Publisher: Kookaburra Technical Publications (1981)
P-36 Hawk Aces of World War 2
Author(s): Persyn, Stenman, Thomas
Publisher: Osprey (2009)
P-40 Warhawk Aces of the Pacific
Author(s): Molesworth
Publisher: Osprey (2003)
P-40 Warhawk in World War II Color
Author(s): Ethell
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1994)
P-40 Warhawk, Part 1
Author(s): Kinzey
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1999)
P-47 Thunderbolt
Author(s): Shacklady
Publisher: Tempus (2000)
Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings, Volume 1
Author(s): Matt
Publisher: SunShine House (1991)
Pearl Harbor and Beyond: December 1941 to May 1942
Author(s): Bridgwater, Scott
Publisher: Guideline Publications (2001)
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt: From Seversky to Victory
Author(s): Bodie
Publisher: Widewing Publications (1994)
Samolot Mysliwski Curtiss Hawk 75
Author(s): Mietelski
Publisher: WMON (1987)
Sever the Sky: Seversky Aircraft Evolution
Author(s): Maloney
Publisher: Planes of Fame (1979)
Strangers in a Strange Land
Author(s): Stapfer
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1988)
Suomen Ilmavoimien Lentokoneet 1939-72
Author(s): Keskinen
Publisher: Kirjapaino Ulonen Ky (1972)
The American Fighter
Author(s): Angelucci, Bowers
Publisher: Orion Books (1987)
The Curtiss Hawk 75
Author(s): Bowers
Publisher: Profile Publications (1971)
The Curtiss Hawk Fighters
Author(s): Shamburger, Christy
Publisher: Sports Car Press (1971)
The Curtiss P-36 and P-40 in USAAC/USAAF service 1939 to 1945
Author(s): Bridgwater
Publisher: Guideline Publications (2001)
The Curtiss P-36 And P-40 USAAC/USAAF service 1939 to 1945
Author(s): Bridgewater
Publisher: SAM Publications (2001)
The History of Aircraft Nose Art
Author(s): Ethell, Simonsen
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1991)
The History of the U.S. Air Force
Author(s): Anderton
Publisher: Crescent Books (1981)
The History of Warplanes [sic] Paint and Camouflage 1914-45
Author(s): Nohara
Publisher: Green Arrow (2001)
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Combat Aircraft of World War II
Author(s): Gunston
Publisher: Bookthrift/ Salamander (1978)
The Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Author(s): Bodie
Publisher: Widewing Publications (1991)
The Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide. Vol. 1: 1908-1941
Author(s): Archer
Publisher: Monogram Aviation Publications (1995)
The P-40 Kittyhawk
Author(s): McDowell
Publisher: Arco (1968)
The Pineapple Air Force: Pearl Harbor to Tokyo
Author(s): Lambert
Publisher: Phalanx (1990)
The Polish Air Force at War -- The Official History. Volume 1: 1939-1943
Author(s): Cynk
Publisher: Schiffer (1998)
The Secret Years: Flight Testing at Boscombe Down, 1939-1945
Author(s): Mason
Publisher: Hikoki (1999)
To Join with the Eagles; A Complete Illustrated History of Curtiss-Wright Aircraft from 1903 to 1965
Author(s): Rubenstein, Goldman
Publisher: Doubleday (1974)
Tomahawk, Airacobra & Mowhawk: RAF Northern Europe 1936-45
Author(s): Jones
Publisher: Ducimus (1970)
U.S. Fighters
Author(s): Jones
Publisher: Aero (1975)
United States Army and Air Force Fighters 1916 - 1961
Author(s): Brown, Heyn, Freeman, Bowyer, Berry
Publisher: Harleyford (1961)
United States Military Aircraft since 1908
Author(s): Swanborough, Bowers
Publisher: Putnam (1971)
US Army Air Force Fighters, Part 1
Author(s): Green, Swanborough
Publisher: Arco (1977)
US Export Colors of WWII
Author(s): Bell
Publisher: Dana Bell [privately published] (2002)
USAAC/USAAF Markings, Insignia & Camouflage, 1941 & 43
Author(s): Baker
Publisher: privately published (1997)
USAAF Aircraft Markings and Camouflage: 1941-1947
Author(s): Archer, Archer
Publisher: Schiffer (1997)
USAAF Aircraft of W.W.II
Publisher: Delta Publishing (1994)
USAAF Fighters of World War Two in Action
Author(s): O'Leary
Publisher: Blandford Press (1986)
Wildcats over Casablanca
Author(s): Lambert
Publisher: Phalanx (1993)
Wings of Stars: US Army Air Corps 1919 - 1941
Author(s): Freeman , Starmer
Publisher: The Aviation Workshop Publications (2009)
Wings of Fame, Volume 12
Author(s): Huertas, Donald, Dorr, Panopalis, Singh, Harrison, Stenman
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1998)
Wings of Fame, Volume 4
Author(s): Nesbit, Dorr, Donald, Thompson, Gann, Gunston, Archer
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1996)
Wings of Fame, Volume 9
Author(s): Dorr, Mersky, Price, Francillon, Thompson, Gordon, Komissarov, Donald, Gunston
Publisher: Aerospace / AIRtime (1998)
WWII War Eagles: Global Air War in Original Color
Author(s): Ethell, Bodie
Publisher: Widewing Publications (1995)