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Reference Material for MiG-15

17 Books Found

MiG-15 in Action
Author(s): Stapfer
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1991)
Author(s): Arsenyev, Krilov
Publisher: M-Hobby (1999)
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 : The Soviet Union's Long-lived Korean War Fighter
Author(s): Gordon
Publisher: Aerofax (2001)
Author(s): Gordon, Skala, Ovcacik, Susa
Publisher: 4+ Publications (1997)
Mikojan Gurievitch MiG-15
Author(s): Karnas
Publisher: MMP/Stratus (2004)
MiG Alley
Author(s): Davis
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (1978)
MiG-15: Design, Development, and Korean War Combat History
Author(s): Gordon, Rigmant
Publisher: Motorbooks International (1993)
Author(s): Belcarz, Juszczak, Peczkowski
Publisher: AJ Press (1998)
MiG-15 Fagot
Author(s): Stapfer
Publisher: Squadron/Signal (2005)
Soviet Mig-15 Aces of the Korean War
Author(s): Krylov, Tepsurkaev
Publisher: Osprey (2008)
Author(s): Skulski
Publisher: Ace Publication (1996)
F-86 Sabre vs Mig-15 Korea 1950-53
Author(s): Dildy, Thompson
Publisher: Osprey (2013)
Samolot Mysliwski Mig-15
Author(s): Mikolajczuk
Publisher: Wydawnictwo (2010)
Samolot Mysliwski Mig-15
Author(s): Domanski
Publisher: WMON (1972)
Author(s): Sweetman
Publisher: Arco (1985)
Mig-15, Vol. 1
Author(s): Irra
Publisher: Jakab (2006)
Mig-15, Vol. 2
Author(s): Irra
Publisher: Jakab (2007)