Azur 1/32 Caudron CR 714 C1 "White 11"

By Iwailo Tzenow

This is Azur's Caudron CR 714 C1 in the French colours in June 1940. Pilot is ppr. Marian Lukaszewicz of 1st Escadrille GC 1/145 at the airfield of Dreux in France. Construction number is 8550, callsign I-208. The aircraft was written off after a forced landing at 8/6/40.

This is a pure out of the box build. Only areas of concern were the rear joint between wing root and fuselage, where a real large gap had to be filled (I think the wing got warped in the box) and the placement of the cockpit front bulkhead. The lower antenna has to be tilted back on the ground or the rear wheel will not touch the ground. I used Lifecolor French paints and Humbrol Maskol for the camouflage pattern, as well as Montex masks for the canopy. The kits decals were trimmed and rearranged into the "white 11". Building the kit was a joy. Highly recommended!

There is a build thread for this model in the forums.

© Iwailo Tzenow 2016

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